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two exoshidae drabbles (luhan, taeyeon)

Rehearsal, g, EXO/SNSD, ~460 words. Luhan, Taeyeon, Sehun. Vague Luhan/Taeyeon and Sehun/Taeyeon.

"Hello," says a voice from somewhere behind him, and in the next second, Kim Taeyeon steps up beside him.

His eyes go wide at the sudden greeting, and he hurriedly turns to give her a deep, polite bow, heart jumping in his throat.


She looks bemused at his reaction, giving a shallow bow back. "Luhan, right?"

"Yes, that's right," he says, knowing she's asking more in politeness than lack of knowledge, because they've never really properly been introduced to each other, but he can't help feel a little starstruck despite himself—he's never been as obviously enamoured with Girls' Generation as, well, others in his group, but something about how she's speaking directly to him now throws him off a little.

"Your voice is nice in the song," she says with a smile.

Luhan gives back an embarrassed smile. "Thank you. Your English is much better than mine, though."

Taeyeon laughs, almost charmingly somehow, and he finds himself staring at her a little too long before turning back to watch SHINee running through their rehearsal.

"When I was a rookie, my pronunciation was nowhere near as good as yours is," she says. "I made Tiffany help me so often she probably got sick of me."

He chuckles. "Who says I didn't do the same to Kris?"

"Touché." She grins. "Why are you here so early? We've still got the Twinkle rehearsal before the special stage."

Luhan shrugs dismissively, unsure himself. He opens his mouth to respond—but what he's going to say, he doesn't know—when a voice behind them interrupts them.

"Hello Taeyeon-noona, hyung."

Both of them turn around, seeing Sehun walk up to them. He gives a 90-degree bow to Taeyeon, who purses her lips in disapproval, amusement nevertheless lighting her eyes.

"Didn't I say you don't need to bow so deeply every time?"

"Sorry, noona," Sehun says embarrassedly, eyes crinkling into crescent moons with his smile, like an anime character.

Taeyeon rolls her eyes, but keeps the amused smile on her face, showing that she isn't truly mad. She looks sideways at Luhan, and nudges him with her elbow. "You, too."

He's startled at the sudden contact, mind going blank for a brief moment. "What?"

"You guys might get bad backs from bowing all the time," she jokes, before getting distracted by Tiffany and Seohyun's appearance on the other side of the stage, coinciding with SHINee finishing their rehearsal. The concert director drones instructions into the microphone, beckoning the three girls on stage. Taeyeon waves to them before she climbs the stairs to the stage, and out of the corner of his eye, Luhan sees Sehun watch her go up a little too closely to be anything but, at the least, admiration.


Luhan turns back to watch the three girls, as well, head tilted slightly.

Maybe there is something about Kim Taeyeon, he muses, that makes people attracted to her.

Space, g, EXO/SNSD, ~280 words. Taeyeon, Luhan. Mentions of Luhan/Sehun and Taeyeon/Tiffany.
Notes: Vaguely follows on from Vice, but can be read on its own.

"Why aren't you sitting with your members, noona?"

"I needed some space," Taeyeon says absent-mindedly.


"I think I understand."

Luhan glances at the table where his members are sitting; his eyes linger over Sehun, who is almost asleep in his cereal bowl, eyes half-lidded and index finger tracing lazy circles on the rim of his glass. He finally turns back to Taeyeon, who is staring between them with an thoughtful look, and he feels like he is being examined with her eyes.

"So he's the one? Sehunnie?"

Luhan is confused for a moment, and it must show on his face, because Taeyeon immediately clarifies herself.

"I mean—Tiffany and I—we're 'Taeny', right?"

He tries not to choke on his drink, but fails miserably, coughing.

"Oh," he says after he recovers, and he knows he's turning red, and not just from coughing. "Sehun and I… I guess so. The fans seem to like it."

"They always like it," Taeyeon affirms casually, nodding.

"But… doesn't it get tiring?"

Taeyeon muses for a moment. "It can get stifling sometimes, but… it isn't always bad. I wouldn't go looking for fanfiction, though. You know what I mean, right? Stories that fans write about us?"

Luhan ducks his head in embarrassment at that.

She laughs brightly. "You've read it, haven't you? On a scale of amused to completely repulsed, what was your reaction?"

"I didn't exactly go looking for it!" he says indignantly, pointedly ignoring the second question as he feels a flush creep up his collar again.

Taeyeon laughs again, before spotting a few of her other members beckoning to her from hotel cafeteria's entrance. "It seems I have to go. We must have an interview soon or something. I'll see you later."

Luhan nods at her, smiling.

"Bye then, noona."

One day I will post slash. In the meantime, have some more het fun times featuring sunbae!Taeng and her awkward hoobaes.
Tags: !fic, fandom: exo, fandom: snsd, fic: crossover, fic: exo, fic: snsd
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