jen (cut_thestring) wrote,

one love, two mouths (yixing/luhan)

Title: One Love, Two Mouths
Fandom: EXO
Characters/Pairings: Yixing/Luhan
Rating: NC-17
Notes/Warnings: ~2.1K words. pwp (pretty much - barebacking, switching, brief rimming.). spell-checked, but also rather unbeta-ed. first time writing smut?

Luhan can feel the bubble of anger just under his skin, threatening to spill over. He knows Yixing is like this, will always be like this, teasing him with a not-so-surreptitious tug at the front of his pants when he thinks everyone is looking the other way, and then seizing the nearest member and acting lovey-dovey with them. Just to get under his skin.

Right now, Yixing is laughing at something Junmyeon is saying, eyes crinkling into crescents and his vacant ‘ha ha ha’ almost detectably forced. Which it must be, because—well, because it’s Junmyeon. It’s possible for him to be funny, but… not that funny.

Luhan’s eyes narrow when Sehun sits next to Yixing, and the older boy takes the opportunity to throw an arm around Sehun’s waist, squeezing gently and laughing and holding tighter when the maknae pretends to squirm away.

"You aren’t Cyclops, hyung."

Luhan blinks, looking up at Baekhyun, who has apparently been watching him for a while in amusement.


"Your eyes aren’t laser beams."

"…Mind your own business, Byunbaek."

Baekhyun opens his mouth to say something, but Luhan almost loses it when he sees Yixing whispering something into Sehun’s ear, grinning and getting way closer than necessary.

Oh, Jesus. He really needs to calm down.

In the moment Luhan looks away, getting up completely and away from the sight in the pretense of getting a drink, Yixing finally glances at the elder’s retreating back, allowing a tiny smirk.


Steam is beginning to escape the shower cubicle by the time Yixing slips inside, sighing as the water cascades down on him, enveloping him in heat. He closes his eyes, reveling in the simple pleasure of a hot shower.

He’s blindly reaching for the shampoo bottle when he hears the door open. Alarmed, Yixing covers his privates, announcing quickly in panicked, mangled Korean that the bathroom is occupied.

It’s Luhan.

"Hey," Luhan says simply, and if the glass wasn’t foggy, Yixing could’ve sworn Luhan’s eyes were twinkling.

The older boy strips down efficiently - meanwhile Yixing is frozen, mouth opening but no words coming out - and squeezes into the cubicle.


Luhan grins, and promptly gets intimately into Yixing’s space by stepping forward and reaching around him for the shampoo bottle.

"We should save the hot water for the others when they come back."

Yixing has gotten over his initial shock by now, and is eyeing Luhan wearily, knowing by the look in Luhan’s eyes that this must have something to do with his behaviour in the practice room earlier. He shivers in anticipation, and at their closeness, the heat almost stifling now.

"Relax." Luhan has squeezed out an appropriate amount of shampoo onto his palm, and places a hand on Yixing’s hip, gentle but firm. "Turn around."

"What are you—we’re not—you’re not going to… right?"

Luhan looks like he’s about to laugh. They've fooled around before, plenty of times, but it's the fact that they're in the bathroom that makes Yixing nervous; he's just terrified of slipping on the wet tiles and cracking his head—or both of their heads—open.

"Just turn around, Xingtuo."

Yixing relents, allowing Luhan to guide him around. A breath fans out across the back of his neck, not quite blowing, but his skin already feels overly-sensitive in anticipation, like the slightest touch will have him melting to the floor. He gasps a little when Luhan presses himself to his back, the entire length of his naked body pressed up against Yixing’s own, and an embarrassing squeak leaves his mouth mid-sigh when Luhan plants the softest kiss at his shoulder. His cock twitches, interested, and he curses under his breath: Luhan wants to tease, tonight.

And then Luhan steps back again, still close and heat still radiating between them, but they aren’t touching, and it drives Yixing crazy. Luhan does laugh, then, and begins to massage the shampoo into Yixing’s hair, quickly working up a lather and guiding Yixing back under the shower spray so the suds begin to run. Yixing silently lets Luhan take care of him, trying not to shiver as Luhan doesn’t miss an inch, the sensitive spot behind his ears, or when nails scrape lightly as his hair is combed through.

They make quick work of the conditioner, and by the time Luhan has moved onto the shower gel and is unhurriedly soaping up the contours of Yixing’s back, already done with himself, Yixing is half hard and biting his bottom lip, unable to even think clearly.

"Um, we should…"

Luhan turns him around, not bothering to be gentle. He pointedly ignores looking at Yixing’s crotch area—or anything Yixing said, for that matter—and then unceremoniously pushes the shower gel bottle into Yixing’s hand.

Yixing blinks. "Uh…"

"I’m going to get ready."


"You can get ready too."


Luhan lets a hand wander around to Yixing’s backside, and the younger yelps as a finger slides down the cleft of his ass, finger pressing lightly against the opening and but no further.

Luhan pulls away with a wink. “For some kinky sex, later.”

He exits the cubicle and then the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist. A second later, his head appears in the doorway again.

"And don’t you dare take care of your—problem—okay? See you soon."

Yixing blinks again.


Mind now clearer, ass clean and stretched and erection almost limp again but untouched, Yixing doesn’t bother to clothe himself before entering his room.


His breath catches in his throat. Holy shit.

Luhan is lying on the bed, legs bent and spread, two fingers buried deep in his ass. The sight leaves Yixing speechless.

"Hey." Luhan’s voice is breathless, and Yixing feels himself harden fully, mesmerised as Luhan’s fingers continue to slide easily in and out of his hole, making wet and obscene squelching noises, the boy’s cock full and weeping against his stomach.


This is what he meant by ‘getting ready’?

Yixing gulps.

"Come here." Luhan sighs as he takes his fingers out now and sits up, digits dripping, wiping them unceremoniously on the towel spread out underneath his hips. Yixing finds himself walking to the bed in a daze, eyes tearing away from Luhan’s lower body and towards his smirking face. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, Luhan beckons Yixing toward him.

Yixing watches as Luhan pulls off his clothes, occasionally lifting an arm or a leg to help. “Are you mad about before?”

"Does it look like I’m mad?" Luhan says. "Annoyed, maybe."

"I love you."

Luhan pauses, staring at Yixing before allowing a small smile. “Love you too.”

Yixing smile widens, and he hooks his arms around Luhan’s neck, drawing them into a slow, deep kiss. Luhan runs his hand down Yixing’s waist, one trailing down to cup his ass, squeezing. The pad of his index finger presses at the hole, making Yixing bite back a sound in anticipation.

"I stretched myself for you."

Luhan groans, pressing in a dry finger halfway before reaching for the lube.

"Get on all fours."

Yixing does, and Luhan’s still hard cock twitches in appreciation at the sight of Yixing balanced on hands and knees, ass in the air, head to the side in an attempt to watch what Luhan is doing. Quickly slicking up Yixing’s entrance and his own cock, Luhan doesn’t hesitate before sliding into Yixing in one, slow movement. Yixing whimpers at the slight burn of the stretch, even after his quick preparation in the shower, and the tightness causes Luhan to bite his lip, falling forward so he’s half-pressed against Yixing’s back.

Luhan rocks gently into Yixing, not really pulling out at all so he’s still pressed deep inside that hot, wet velvet.

"Oh, Luhan… you feel so good."

Luhan finds himself laughing at Yixing’s predictable loosened tongue when he’s aroused, and he bucks his hips harder, drawing out several breathy moans from Yixing, the younger pushing his ass back to get Luhan deeper. His moans ebb and intensify as they continue to fuck, dragging the pace and then getting rougher, harder, and back again, and Luhan leans entirely over Yixing and turns his head so they can kiss. The angle is weird, but it effectively swallows up Yixing’s shameless vocals—until they break apart.

"God, you’re loud." Luhan breathes. "You’re lucky no one’s home."

Yixing doesn’t say anything, but his next pleasured sound is shameless and drawn out, and Luhan grins, nipping at Yixing’s shoulder.

"Touch me," Yixing whines.

Well, he wasn’t expecting that request so soon.


Yixing glances back at him, eyes wide. Luhan reaches over to cover Yixing’s hands in his own so their fingers are entwined. “No touching,” Luhan says against Yixing’s neck, and then shoulders, sucking and biting, but gently, so he doesn’t leave marks. “Fuck, I wish I could mark you.”

Another drawn out moan, more genuine this time, is ripped from Yixing’s throat. His legs are shaking slightly with the effort of holding them up, and he collapses onto his forearms, head falling forwards. Seeing this, Luhan grips the back of Yixing’s neck and the younger collapses completely, sounds muffled by the pillow. Luhan keeps his hand there as leverage as he thrusts deep, angle pressing in against Yixing’s prostate evident in his stifled gasp and the clenching around Luhan’s member.

It isn't long before Luhan is coming, filling Yixing’s ass with hot spurts.

"Lu… Luhan…"

Luhan releases Yixing’s neck, and relaxes on top of his body, still connected.

Yixing whines, wriggling to get some friction.

"Hey, stay still."

"Han, I’m really hard," Yixing replies, words strained—but he obeys at once, "and you didn’t… I just showered…"

"I’m not done with you yet, I promise." Luhan pauses. "I can feel your heartbeat in your ass."

They both laugh, and Luhan finally gets up.

Yixing rolls onto his back, and Luhan shimmies down and helps him prop up his legs with hands under his knees, leaving him exposed. Luhan groans in appreciation when he sees the white, sticky liquid dribbling out of Yixing’s entrance, the slick hole fluttering as he breathes.


The boy grins as he presses his face into a soft, pale thigh, nipping gently before spreading the cheeks further with sure fingers.

Luhan knows that Yixing’s favourite thing is to get rimmed. And it’s completely evident here, with his soft whimpers as Luhan runs his tongue along the puckered hole, a hand threading through Luhan’s hair and holding him there as he breaches the slickness, tasting the come staining Yixing’s insides. It’s sensual and filthy and feels amazing, clenching weakly around Luhan’s tongue.

"Luhan, please, I—shit, I’m gonna blow if you keep that up."

"Go ahead," Luhan says, and moves up to suck Yixing’s shaft into his mouth—Yixing moans as his cock is finally touched after being ignored for so long—with two fingers working into where his tongue had just been.

It takes a few bobs of his head and Luhan's fingers crooking up to press into the sensitive nub inside Yixing, before the boy tenses up hard and then blows his load seconds later, shuddering. Luhan pulls off just in time, a hand milking Yixing through his orgasm and come staining his fingers and abdomen.

"Oh my god," Yixing manages to say a minute later, breathless and tired and a huge grin on his face. Luhan collapses onto the mattress beside him after wiping them both relatively clean, and Yixing pulls them into a sweaty hug, wrapping his arms around the elder’s so he’s spooning Luhan from the back.

"I feel dirty again."

"Be happy we’re not on your bed, then." There’s a comfortable silence as their breathing evens out. Luhan is drifting off into sleep, knowing they must have another hour or so, before Yixing’s voice brings him back into consciousness. "Hey, Luhan…"

"Yes, Xing?"

Yixing runs his palm flat over Luhan’s stomach, shifting closer into his back, if that is possible. And with it, Luhan can feel the insistent press of Yixing’s hardness against his ass, slotting shallowly in between the cheeks.

Luhan huffs a sleepy laugh at that, squirming purposefully against Yixing’s crotch. “You’re insatiable.”

"You looked so hot before. I can’t get that image out of my head." Yixing grinds harder, blunt head of his cock rubbing against the still-slick entrance, just shy of breaching it.

"Of what?" Luhan asks, whining at the teasing.

"You. Fingering yourself, so wet for me…"


Yixing slides into Luhan, held breath releasing heavy against his neck. Slender fingers spread precome along Luhan’s cock, a slow, steady pumping in time with the rocking of their hips, an easy, sensual ride to completion.

Later, when they’re clean and dressed and they can hear their members and managers coming into the apartment, Yixing follows Luhan out to meet them. Kris raises an eyebrow at the two of them, but says nothing. Cheeks slightly pink, Yixing slings an arm around Kyungsoo, striking up some conversation about practice or dinner or something equally mundane. Luhan smiles to himself as he watches them, and Baekhyun bumps shoulders with him as they move into the living room.

"Glad you guys finished your business before we got back," the boy has the audacity to say, and Luhan resists the urge to hit him—he had, after all, covered for the two of them as they skipped the dinner outing.

"Yeah," Luhan says, smiling again when Yixing throws him a wink over his shoulder. "Thanks, I owe you one."

"No problem, man."

/so yeah, first time writing--or at least publishing--smut. how did i do, any pointers?
/inspirations, among many: THIS FUCKING SONG; jamie for that first spark of inspiration; this (nsfw) gifset for that one line.
/goes back to being an awkward unicorn.

Tags: !fic, fandom: exo, fic: exo, ship: layhan
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