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a bunch of drabbles: exo edition

Because I love het!EXO and Yixing pairings, apparently.

7 minutes
Fem!Chen/Lay, pg-13, 680 words.
In which Jongdae’s cousin Joonmyun is hosting a party, and she somehow gets roped into 7 minutes in heaven with Zhang Yi-fucking-xing. Originally posted here.

"Um…. Hey."

Its kind of stifling in the closet, darkness wrapping around her and the phantom press of the boy's body against hers, 5 centimetres away and almost suffocating. Maybe she took one too many shots in that stupid drinking game--because she knows this is irrational, okay, nothing is going to harm her. The closet doesn't even have a lock, damn it. But Jongdae's heart is beating loudly in her ears, and she still hasn't let go of the handle--so she almost misses Yixing's' concerned words until he touches her arm and she jolts, as if burned.

"Are you okay?"

Jongdae lets out a shaky breath. "Uh, yeah, I just--I'm not great with small spaces."

"Oh. Do you want to leave? I'm sure everyone would understand."

"No! No--it's okay. I'm okay."

It sounds too much like she's convincing herself, she knows, but Yixing doesn't say anything. A ruffle of clothes, and she can hear him sitting on the floor, finding her hand and tugging her down. Her heart jumps to her throat at the contact and she half-falls down. Her palms are surely getting sweaty, but Yixing doesn't let go of her hand, and instead rubs at the back of it with his thumb, in gentle, smooth strokes, and despite herself, Jongdae can feel herself calming down.

"Oh! We’re supposed to--well--it is 7 minutes in heaven…"

Yixing pauses. "We don't have to if you're uncomfortable with it."

"W-what?" Jongdae's heart drops. Of course Yixing wouldn't want to, why her? She isn't cool, she was only invited because she's staying at her cousin Joonmyun's house whilst her parents are overseas, and he's too nice to get rid of her for the night. Yixing is in college, for god's sake, and she's just a measly little high schooler. Jongdae can feel the burn of tears prickling behind her eyes. She has yanked her hand back before she realises it, and then blushes immediately, her fingers tingling.

Oh god. She has messed up everything. The walls enclose around her again, and she feels short of breath, and--

Warm hands find her face and frame them, and lips press against her nose and cheek--and then, after a breathless laugh, find her own lips.

It lasts for three seconds--maybe four--and then Yixing is pulling back.

It’s a while before Jongdae can voice any thoughts at all--which are mostly in one big jumble. "W-what--what was that for?"

Yixing’s hands slide from her face, and he takes her hand in his again. Jongdae can practically hear the smile in his voice as he says, "I heard somewhere that holding your breath can stop a panic attack."


Yixing laughs. "You’re cute, Jongdae."

Jongdae manages a smaller, "what," and, "I wasn't having a panic attack," and tries to pull back her hand, but Yixing doesn't let her, instead linking their fingers.

"You usually look cute in your school uniform, but you looked really cute tonight."

… This is not happening. Zhang Yi-fucking-xing actually notices her, somewhere in that spacey brain of his.

"Hey, you're not hyperventilating again, are you?"

Jongdae swats at him weakly, still feeling like she's floating. "No."


She knows what's going to happen before it does, and then they're kissing again, and--oh wow--he slips in his tongue, brushing against hers, and it's kind of uncoordinated, but it feels good. Jongdae gets up onto her knees for more leverage--almost knocking them both over in the process, but then Yixing's hand is on her waist, steadying her, and that's when the door is thrown open.

"Holy shit."

"Damn, Xing. Can’t believe you gettin' with Joonmyun's cousin. Wait 'til he hears."

Jongdae’s face feels like it's on fire. "Um…"

Yixing’s laughing, too, and Jongdae would almost welcome being shut in the closet again, but then Yixing is pulling her to her feet, and up to her room, amidst wolf whistles and inappropriate, alcohol-fuelled cat-calls.

"I've never had a boy in my room before," she says, watching him get comfortable on her bed.

"Do you wanna go out some time?" he blurts out.

Jongdae’s eyes widen. "Oh. Oh." she blushes. "Yes, okay."

Yixing looks pleased. "Okay," he agrees.

20 minutes to midnight
Fem!Lay/Luhan, pg-13, 840 words.
It's 20 minutes until the new year, and Yixing is in love with her best friend.

It's 20 minutes until midnight. 20 minutes until the new year.

Yixing stares out the window to the balcony, where Luhan, Baekhee and Zitao have escaped the drunken high of the party and are chatting, steadily ignoring the chilled smokers sitting at the table on the other side. She can feel her mood unintentionally get gloomier as she watches them, hating herself for the simple fact that last week, Yixing realised she is love with her best friend. And that realisation has both messed everything up, and kept it all the same, and she hates it.

"You're pining."

The deep voice turns out to be Kris. Yixing stares dejectedly up at the giant, pursing her lips.

"It's New Year's, you should do something," he continues, sitting down on the armrest of the couch she was perched on. "Shot some liquid courage, then go and make out at midnight."

"Isn't the guy supposed to be the one initiating?" Yixing huffs, entirely aware that that isn't really the problem.

"It's the 21st Century," Kris replies. "Have you ever heard of 'YOLO'?"

Yixing rolls her eyes. "Yes."

"Sehun's pouring drinks in the kitchen."

Yixing stares for another moment, then stands up abruptly, and stalks into the kitchen. Sehun is not so much pouring drinks as just drinking, and the (still underage--just) boy chokes on the drink he just took when he sees her, coughing.

"Sehun-ah, I want something… that'll give me courage. What do you think?"

Sehun's face is frozen. "Er. I'm not a bartender…"

"Oh, right." Yixing flushes, and decides to grab the tequila, two shot glasses, and a wedge of pre-prepared lime from the bowl, pouring two generous servings. She pushes one glass into Sehun's hand, and clinks it with her own. "Cheers."

She takes the shot, and sucks on the lime. After, she realises Sehun hasn't moved. "You didn't drink?"

Sehun shakes his head. "I already have a drink…. and you forgot the salt…"

Yixing curses under her breath. "Whatever." She takes the shot she gave Sehun and downs it, too, sucking on the lime immediately after.

Ten minutes later, she feels buzzed, and in any case, she's running out of time. Yixing is out on the balcony before she realises it. Everyone is beginning to gather on the balcony now, trying to cram into the tiny space, with a few minutes before countdown.

"Hey, Luhan, could I talk to you?"

"Oh? Now? It's almost countdown…"

Yixing's resolve almost breaks at Luhan's reluctant look, but she catches Kris' eye over Luhan's shoulder and stiffens. She needs to do this.

"Yeah, it's really important."

Luhan nods after a moment, allowing Yixing to lead him by the hand to one of the bedrooms in Junmyeon's apartment. Yixing closes the door behind them, the party music dulling at once, but still very audible. She turns to Luhan, who is looking at her expectantly, a hint of worry in his eyes.

Yixing bites her lip. This is it. This is what will make or break them.

She steps forward, gaze locking with Luhan's, and circles her arms around his neck.

"Yixing? What--what are you doing?"

Yixing rests her head on his shoulder, body pressing against his, as if she isn't trembling from the nervousness eating her up inside. She wants to say it--she wants to tell him she likes him. She wants to say she knows this might destroy their friendship, but if she doesn't do anything, her feelings for him might consumer her whole.

"Dance with me," she whispers, instead, and her trembling lessens when Luhan hesitantly locks his hands around her waist. When she tightens her arms around his neck, Luhan's does as well around her body, and she can feel how their bodies fit together. It's almost strange how right it feels--even with her stomach churning in anticipation.

They stay like that for a while, just swaying, and then she pulls away, just a little, arms still around him.

"Luhan… I--We're best friends, right?"

"Yixing, what is this about?" Luhan still looks confused, and it just makes Yixing more anxious. She has to stop herself from biting through her bottom lip so she can talk.

"I'm just going to say it, okay? I like you." There's a silence, and Luhan's eyes widen. Outside, the partygoers begin the countdown. Yixing can't think, can't begin to interpret Luhan's response when his mouth is just gaping open like he never expected this, so she just blurts out, "It's almost New Year's. I'm going to kiss you, and--just-just stop me if you don't want to."

Luhan doesn't say anything, but his grip on her waist gets tighter.

And then the people outside are shouting 'Happy New Years!' and there are fireworks, and then Yixing just does it before she can change her mind. She kisses him.

It's chaste at first, just lips, and then his mouth opens up to hers and their tongues are entwining. Luhan tastes like alcohol and something else she can't really place, and Yixing is so nervous she doesn't realise she has been unconsciously threading her fingers through his hair, but somehow it feels right. Joined like this. Being together like this.

Kris/Lay, g, 400 words.
Domestic!au fluff. That is all.

"Hey, I'm home! Sorry I'm late, a client called last-minute and I stayed to use the work computer to do some research, and…"

Yifan finds Yixing at the dinner table, typing at his laptop in concentration.


Yifan only receives a distracted hum in response, and he sighs, moving to stand behind the younger man. He squints at the screen; seeing nothing but an illegible cluster of brightly coloured rhythms and beats stacked on a timeline, he shakes his head. When Yifan plants his hands on Yixing's shoulders to massage them, Yixing jumps, looking up in surprise.

"Oh. Hey," Yixing says, smiling tiredly. He relaxes back into the familiar touch, tension releasing at the silent kneading of Yifan's hands. "What time is it?"

"Eleven," Yifan replies, fingers roaming under the neck of Yixing's shirt and massaging the nape of his neck.

"What? And you said you'd be home for dinner," Yixing says, half-heartedly pointing accusingly up at his boyfriend.

Yifan can only smile sheepishly, catching Yixing's hand in his own. "Sorry?"

"There are leftovers for lunch tomorrow, anyway. You better have already eaten." Yixing is caught in a yawn, back of his hand coming up to muffle it and eyes scrunching up; Yifan thinks it's the cutest thing he has seen all day, and smiles, reaching forward to close the laptop and tug Yixing out of his chair.

"Yeah, I ate. Come on, let's get to bed, we both have an early start tomorrow."

Yixing purses his lips, but lets himself be steered into the bedroom; he curls up under the covers and watches as Yifan strips off the rest of his suit, leaving him in his boxers before he enters the bathroom. When Yifan comes back, freshly showered, he finds Yixing already dozing off, and he grins, flipping the light off before getting into bed with his boyfriend.

"Scoot over."

Yixing mumbles incoherently, before grunting at a nudge to the side, eyes fluttering open. Nevertheless, he shifts infinitesimally, accommodating Yifan's long body by wrapping his own around the elder's.

"You smell good," he murmurs, cold feet pressing up against Yifan's calves momentarily - Yifan yelps at that - before just tangling their legs together..

"Did you set your alarm?" Yifan remembers to ask, on the edge of sleep.

Yixing tightens his hold around Yifan's torso in response. "Yes."

"Mmkay," he says, finally rendering himself to sleep.

Lay/Luhan, pg-13, 240 words.
College, friends-with-benefits!AU. (vague prequel to this)

Yixing gasps, squirming under Luhan, neck jutting out in an odd angle in an attempt to get away from Luhan's mouth.

"Asshole, you know I'm ticklish," he says, all the while giggling.

"Just keep still, you'll enjoy it," Luhan says soothingly, squeezing lightly at Yixing's hips.

Yixing snorts, but forces himself to stay still, an undignified squeak emitting from his throat when Luhan grins and nips playfully at a spot at the hollow of Yixing's neck, before settling and sucking a red mark into the skin. Yixing sighs breathily at the sensation, trying not to squirm, and then Luhan is done, sitting back on his calves and still straddling the younger.

"Watch it, you have a double-chin."

"Now how am I going to walk around in public, asshole?" Yixing asks, halting his attempts to look at the modestly-sized hickey.

"Whatever, you lost," Luhan says, giving that shit-eating grin again.

"Want to suck me off in apology?"

Luhan gives him the finger, and flops onto the mattress beside Yixing, laughing.

"Hey, Luhan…"

Yixing pauses for too long, thinking, and Luhan gives him a look, nudging his side. "What?"

Yixing looks at Luhan, doing that unnerving blank stare. "Never mind," he says finally.

Luhan rolls his eyes, relaxing back onto the bed. "Sometimes you think too much, Xing."


"Yeah. We're in college, we can afford to not care for a while."

"…Can we?"

- Comments would be much appreciated! ♥
- Or any constructive critique, too. Not too sure with characterisation at parts, but I'm still learning.
- I'm especially enamored with each of the Layhan 'verses. There may be more for them yet.

Tags: !fic, fandom: exo, fic: exo, ship: fanxing, ship: layhan, ship: xingdae
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